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Applying for a moratorium under the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

Companies House has today (26 June) issued guidance on how to apply for breathing space to consider a rescue plan for your company, under measures to support companies and other types of business in financial difficulty.
A moratorium gives struggling businesses formal breathing space in which to explore rescue and restructuring options, free from creditor action.

Essential guidance in respect of this can be found here.

Travel guidance for employers

The Department for Transport has recently issued guidance setting out that if people cannot work from home and have to travel for work, they should first consider cycling, walking or driving to help ensure there is enough capacity for those who need to travel on public transport to do so safely.

For those who have no alternative to public transport, it is vital they understand the steps they can take to maintain their own safety and that of others and help reduce demand on the transport networks.

See the travel guidance for employers here .

Guidance on Marauding terrorist attacks

The recent dreadful experience in Reading has once again highlighted the vulnerability and challenge in respect of Marauding terrorist attacks (MTA) and we have been asked to highlight this issue to business and provide the available guidance in relation to this.

MTA’s are fast-moving, violent incidents where assailants move through a location aiming to find and kill or injure as many people as possible. Most deaths occur within the first few minutes of the attack, before police are able to respond.

New and detailed guidance is now available providing information as to the range of measure that can be taken to minimise the impact of an attack and help save lives. These measures range from implementing simple changes to security processes and technical systems to introducing new and sophisticated security systems.

“MTA making your organisation ready” discusses how your organisation can recognise an attack, take immediate action and facilitate the police. It is most relevant to office buildings, including multiple tenancy buildings. However, the principles of the advice can be usefully applied to all types of locations including cinemas, hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping areas, shopping centres, stadiums, theatres, temporary event venues and transport hubs.
The detailed guidance can be accessed here .


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