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Lifting restrictions from businesses in England – 1 August

The Prime Minister announced last Friday that in England, from 1 August, if prevalence remains around or below current levels, and COVID-19 Secure guidelines are followed, the government will:
• Give employers more discretion on how they ensure employees can work safely. Working from home is one way to do this, but workplaces can also be made safe by following COVID-19 Secure guidelines  
• Reopen most remaining leisure settings, namely bowling, skating rinks and casinos, accompanied by COVID-19 Secure guidelines. This will not include particularly high-risk activities and settings such as nightclubs, which will be kept under review
• Enable the restart of indoor performances to a live audience, subject to the success of pilots that are taking place as soon as possible. More information is available here
• Enable all close contact services to resume, including any treatments on the face such as eyebrow threading or make-up application
• Carry out pilots in venues with a range of sizes of crowds including sports stadia and business events. If plans progress in line with expectations, pilots will expand to build up to and prepare for a full, socially distanced return in the autumn
• Enable wedding receptions; sit-down meals for no more than 30 people, subject to COVID-19 Secure guidelines. Over time, we will assess whether gatherings of this type for other purposes can be made possible and when larger wedding receptions can take place
• In September, schools, nurseries and colleges will open for all children and young people on a full-time basis.

All businesses and venues which are listed to reopen on 25 July or 1 August must remain closed until those dates.

People are advised that they may now use public transport but are encouraged to consider alternative means of transport where possible.
Full information is available here

Containing and managing local coronavirus outbreaks

As of 18 July, local authorities will have new powers to close specific premises, close public outdoor spaces, and cancel events. These powers will enable local authorities to act more quickly in response to local outbreaks, where speed is paramount to prevent them from spreading more widely. Local lockdown will remain a last resort when other actions have been insufficient. More information is available here .

Disposing of business waste (including PPE and face coverings)

New guidance on how to dispose of personal and business waste, including face coverings and personal protective equipment (PPE), during the coronavirus pandemic has been published here

Key details include:
• Provide extra bins for your staff and customers to throw away their waste face coverings and PPE used for social distancing, and any other additional waste, such as takeaway packaging and disposable tableware
• Make sure that staff and customers do not put face coverings and PPE in a recycling bin as they cannot be recycled through conventional recycling facilities
• Make sure bins are emptied often so they do not overflow and create litter
• You can put used disposable face coverings and PPE in an ‘offensive waste’ collection (yellow bags with a black stripe), if you have one
• Ask your waste contractor if there is anything else you need to do.


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