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Reporting outbreaks of coronavirus

New guidance for business and organisations on how to recognise, contain and report incidents of coronavirus has been published. COVID-19 early outbreak management information has been created to make sure that people who run businesses or organisations:
• Know how to recognise and report an incident of coronavirus
• Are aware of measures local health protection teams may advise in order to contain it.

Action cards have been developed to cover a range of businesses and organisations to provide specific advice on the issues each type of organisation may face now lockdown restrictions have been eased. The cards are designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on hand in your business or organisation.

All the information in relation to this can be accessed here .

UK Finance reveals 10 Covid-19 and lockdown scams

During the pandemic UK Finance have seen criminals using sophisticated methods to callously exploit people’s financial concerns, impersonating trusted organisations like the NHS or HMRC, to trick them into giving away their money or information.

Criminals are using the current COVID-19 challenges as an opportunity to prey on people by tapping into their financial concerns due to coronavirus, asking for personal and financial information.

In these circumstances UK Finance have taken the opportunity to unveil 10 Covid-19 and lockdown scams the public should be on high alert for and how to spot them and these can be accessed here.

NatWest - In Conversation With…’ webinar series

This week the Chambers’ partner on Restart, Rebuild, Renew , NatWest, launch their new ‘In Conversation With…’ webinar series. 

Award winning journalist and presenter, Naga Munchetty, will be speaking to guests from the worlds of business, culture and sport to find out how they’re adapting to the ever-changing world.

Available now, in the first of the series, Naga sits down with entrepreneur and global business leader, Jo Malone CBE, to discuss Jo’s insights on business growth and brand. You can watch the full interview here .

NatWest have some fantastic guests lined up, so keep an eye out for the rest of the series over the next few weeks.


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