Chamber President warns Prime Minister of 
“difficult winter ahead”
regular update from John Bridge OBE DL

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Chamber President Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith has said businesses face “the most difficult trading conditions in post-war history” and set out a series of measures to help government take a “sharper approach” to restarting the UK economy.
It states that businesses are not ready to face the triple threat of further lockdowns, an end to government support schemes and the end of the Brexit transition period.

It is critical that the government develops a confidence plan for businesses with ambitious fiscal stimulus where it is clear what type of measures are expected for each change in scenario. This will allow business to plan.

The suggested fiscal stimulus package includes:

• Reducing the cost of employment by expanding the National Insurance Employment Allowance and raising the threshold for employers’ National Insurance contributions
• 100% Business Rates relief to all of the hardest hit sectors and their immediate supply chains – not just a few
• Extending the CBILS schemes for new entrants beyond the autumn; adapting the scheme to support businesses over a sustained period
• A two-year extension to the £1 million Annual Investment Allowance; and is broadened to include Coronavirus-related investments and investment in training and the transition to net zero
• An expanded Discretionary Grant Fund.

You can read the full letter here.

Rule of 6

Just a reminder that the Rule of 6 came into force yesterday.

To avoid any doubt children, of all ages, are counted as people for the purpose of 6.

There are a number of exemptions, including work and wrap around childcare provision.

Venues such as pubs can have more than 30 customers in, but only in groups of 6 or fewer.

Whether something is work or social will be a matter of fact.

Tourism and leisure venues look like they are included in the rules on groups.

There is a sliding scale of fines.

The initial guidance was published yesterday and can be accessed here.  

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