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The government has announced a new subsidy system that will come into play now that we have left the EU. I’ve included an update in this newsletter which will be of particular interest to those of you who trade internationally, so please read on.

Your Chamber is also offering a free webinar on moving goods to international destinations under transit. We’ve included an important update below on UK Export Finance (UKEF), and how exporters in our region have been benefiting from working with this department, including one particular Cambridgeshire company that has won a £15 million contract. 

We also have an update for you below on changes to EU data adequacy as well as EU animal health regulations, which will of course impact on Northern Ireland.

New subsidy system to support UK jobs and businesses, boost the economy and strengthen the union

Businesses across the UK will be able to benefit from newly available financial support thanks to a new subsidy control system following our departure from the EU.

  • New UK-wide subsidy control system announced to provide quicker and more flexible support to UK businesses following our departure from the EU
  • Decisions previously subject to approval by unelected EU bureaucrats to be decided in the UK
  • Devolved administrations and local authorities empowered for the first time to decide if they can issue subsidies by following UK-wide principles.
Read the full article here.

Crossing Continents - Moving goods under Transit
Thursday 22 July, 2.00-3.00pm

The volume of goods being exported from the UK under the Common Transit Convention has increased significantly since Brexit.

  • Why is this method of import and export becoming more popular and how does a trader access the service?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to using Transit?
  • What is the role of a consignee and a consignor?
  • What does it cost to move goods in this way?
Join us to find out answers to these questions and hear from the British Chambers of Commerce Director of Trade Facilitation and Chamber Customs as well as experts from HMRC.

Register here. 

COMING SOON... The Chamber will be offering a Transit Movement Service. 
A T1 transit document allows goods to travel from the UK to an EU destination country without the need to make an import declaration at the first port of entry into the EU. The Chamber will be able to create Transit Declarations on your behalf.

Email to receive more details on this service.

Data Adequacy

The EU has made data adequacy decisions which will allow data to flow from the EU to the UK through this new relationship from today onwards.

This replaces the temporary arrangements in the Trade & Co-operation Agreement and covers everything from cross-border employee or customer details. 

Exporters in the East of England benefit from record levels of government support

UK Export Finance (UKEF) publishes its annual results for 2020-21, which show that the government provided record levels of support for UK exports.

  • SME exporters in the East of England secured nearly £25 million in overseas sales with UK government-backed financing
  • Cambridgeshire firm won £15 million renewable energy contract
  • UKEF provided £12.3 billion in support for UK exports, supporting up to 107,000 UK jobs.
UKEF’s annual report and accounts show the government’s export credit agency provided major backing for exporters in the East of England throughout the pandemic.

UKEF’s support unlocked millions of pounds of exports for smaller businesses in the region. Through working capital guarantees and export insurance support for local businesses in the East of England, UKEF enabled £25 million worth of overseas sales to go ahead.

One company supported by UKEF in the last year was Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE), which obtained £15 million worth of funding for three clean growth projects. UKEF support enabled them to dramatically reduce the installation costs of the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

CVE required financial support to facilitate the development of high-tech welding technology and reduce the cost of the wind turbine foundations by up to 25 per cent.

UKEF committed in December to ending support for new fossil fuel projects overseas, aligned with the Prime Minister’s ‘Ten Point Plan' for a Green Industrial Revolution. As part of this commitment, Minister for Exports, Graham Stuart, announced on 23 June at the International Trade Select Committee, that UKEF has created a new Renewables, Energy and Carbon Management underwriting team of 20 staff to ensure UKEF has the resources necessary to transact increased volumes of business across sectors like wind power, solar, green hydrogen, tidal, grid resiliency and decommissioning, as well as developing relationships across these sectors to maximise the UK supply chain’s participation in international projects.

Local exporters who want to know more about UKEF’s support are encouraged to contact their local Export Finance Manager, Richard Hill, or visit

Animal Health Regulation: Live webinars with expert panel

The EU is making changes to its animal health laws, therefore Export Health Certificates (EHCs) and the Notes for Guidance used to move goods to Northern Ireland or export to the EU need to be updated.

EHCs for composite products changed in April 2021, and a small number of new EHCs were introduced at that time as well. The remaining new EHCs for all products of animal origin, live animals and germinal products will need to be used from 21 August 2021. Current EHCs signed before 21 August may be used until October 2021 for goods en route to the EU.

Around 30 EHCs will be available to view on Form Finder from early July 2021 with the rest available on 29 July 2021. We will provide further information shortly on the updated EHCs and when they will be available for use.

There are webinars available to traders with a panel of experts to answer your questions on the new EHCs. 

Please register for the webinars below which are relevant to the goods you export using the links below:

AHR trader webinar - fish
12 July, 10.00-11.00am

Panel of experts from Defra and APHA will answer traders’ questions on the new AHR EHCs for fish and fishery products.

Register here > 

AHR trader webinar - equines
13 July, 10.00-11.00am

Panel of experts from Defra and APHA will answer traders’ questions on the new AHR EHCs for equines.

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AHR trader webinar - meat
14 July, 2.00-3.00pm

Panel of experts from Defra and APHA will answer traders’ questions on the new AHR EHCs for meat.

Register here > 

AHR trader webinar - products of an animal origin (POAO) and germinal products
15 July, 10.00-11.00am

Panel of experts from Defra and APHA will answer traders’ questions on the new AHR EHCs for POAO and germinal products.

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If you have any questions about the webinars please contact

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