IPAFFS, EUR-MED forms, shipping to Egypt and
Movement Assistance Scheme
International Trade Club: Introduction to IPAFFS
Wednesday 13 October, 4.00-5.00pm

Join us to hear from Richard Bartlett, Managing Director of Export Unlocked, who will provide an introduction to IPAFFS and the changes from January 2022.

IPAFFS (Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed Systems) is a web-based service for the application for, and issuing of, Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs) for imports from outside the EU and EEA of live animals, their products and germplasm.

The Chamber are introducing an IPAFFS course and Richard will provide an overview of what to expect during this session.

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CargoX/Nafeza Update

For those of you exporting to Egypt via Seafreight, it is important that you are aware that the Nafeza system (Egypt Importer System) requires ALL documents to show the ACID (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration) number. This includes any Certificate of Origin or EUR1 documents. Therefore you will need to include this information in the main text box on each document and ensure that it is also shown on your commercial invoice.

Please click here for a list of all documents that the Egyptian Importer is required to upload. 

Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS)

Launch of support attestation reimbursements

A support attestation (SA) is a certificate that provides assurance of the various stages of production before you move goods to Northern Ireland, and may be required to complete an Export Health Certificate (EHC).

From 27 September 2021, where SAs are clearly required to provide assurance for an Official Veterinarian (OV) or Food Competent Certifying Officer (FCCO) to issue an EHC, the costs for producing the attestations will be reimbursable up to a set amount. This will be reimbursed to traders directly through the Movement Assistance Scheme (MAS).

If you are a trader (supplier or manufacturer) who requires SAs to provide assurance to move agri-foods from GB-NI, you can receive financial support for some of the direct costs paid to vets or FCCOs for checking and issuing the SA.

The Government will reimburse up to £150 excluding VAT for each GB-NI declared SA used to trade from GB-NI only. This will be reimbursed to traders directly through the MAS.

If you are a trader, you will need to pay the invoice from the vet or FCCO and then send the invoice and other required evidence to the government to be reimbursed for the costs of the service.

SAs are not required if the agri-food goods moving from GB to NI are not subject to the new NI Protocol requirements.

For the full process for SA reimbursements, see the guidance on GOV.UK and the GB-NI Trader Showcase site.

EUR-MED Guidance

Since January this year following the UK leaving the single market Chambers have been reporting an increase in the number of applications for EUR-MED Movement Certificate although the overall number of applications are still low.

The EUR-MED is very similar to an EUR1 but there are some important differences so this guide explains how they should be completed.

EUR-MED Movement Certificates unlike EUR1’s are not linked to individual trade agreements but to the Pan European Mediterranean (PEM) agreement which the UK has not signed and this is causing confusion both for exporters and customs authorities.

Government argues that as the language relating to PEM was rolled over with the trade agreements then UK should be able to issue EUR-MED’s where referenced in said trade agreements. If you go to the individual trade advice for each country that can be found here and click on the country, then the Rules of Origin section you will see if EUR-MED’s can be issued. However, if the goods are not of UK origin then the certificate may not be accepted by the importing countries customs authority and duty may be payable.

We cannot offer clearer guidance than this on whether the documents will be accepted as it is at the discretion of the overseas Customs Authority. Where possible we suggest an EUR1 is issued. If you have any questions, then please get in touch at

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