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Psychometrics - a boon or a bane?
Location: Online
Organiser: Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce
About: Psychometric profiling is much misunderstood and there are those who are in trepidation, in case doctors in white coats are going to come and take them away when their profile has been completed. In fact, psychometrics are incredibly useful in a number of ways; they can reduce the gamble in a complex recruitment process, build complementarity in a team and help to bring self-awareness higher up the priority list, within a coaching or other working environment.

They can also be used to ensure that the different strengths we bring to the table can be complementary rather than confrontational.

Good use of psychometrics can make a team or an organisation work even more effectively so that a combination of traits is grouped together and collectively makes the sum of the component parts even greater and helps the team to head in the same direction.

The talk will focus on what traits are important in the workplace and how these can be used for complementarity rather than conflict, so that all areas of the probl
Start: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 16:00
End: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 17:00
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